Water proofing techniques and contractors

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Published: 01st August 2012
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Waterproofing might cause upfront money but it is very little as compared to the amount of money you would have to pay when water damage would occur. For this reason, choosing the right waterproofing contractor to do basement waterproofing is a daunting task for many people.

Home waterproofing systems might cost money upfront, but it is very little compared to the amount of money homeowners would have to pay should water damage occur. There are both interior and exterior systems for waterproofing. Moisture is often found in structures that are rooted underground, such as basements and home foundations. It is possible to protect such areas from water using an interior home waterproofing system, which is meant to create a waterproof membrane that blocks moisture from seeping from the soil into concrete. Membrane can actually reach deep into the concrete, not just on the surface, allowing much of the foundation to be protected from moisture.

Some methods allow foundation waterproofing from the exterior of the home. There are exterior sealants that can be used for basement or foundation to prevent condensation and general excess moisture on the building. Exterior sealant is typically best applied while the home is being constructed, but can be added later as well. This product alone is not usually the best defense against water damage, but it is an inexpensive start to protecting the home from moisture. For many people, choosing the right waterproofing contractor to do basement waterproofing is a daunting task.

Waterproofing contractors

Waterproofing specialists are companies that specialize in the field of basement waterproofing and other property restoration. A full-service waterproofing contractor will offer all waterproofing methods. While waterproofing contractors specialize in basement waterproofing, many general contractors will also offer basement-waterproofing services to clients who report they have water in their basements. For these general contractors, basement waterproofing is an add-on service that is offered when the opportunity presents itself. Because these general contractors do not specialize in basement waterproofing and are already on-site, they will often offer lower pricing than waterproofing contractors. While this is attractive to many homeowners, it carries a significant risk that the waterproofing work will be done incorrectly or inadequately. To make things worse, those who decide to go with the least expensive contractor often discover, to their dismay, that the warranty they were given is not worth the paper on which it was written.

Homeowners who are genuinely interested in hiring experts to waterproof their basement only deal with bona fide waterproofing contractors. A very easy way of verifying if a given contractor is a genuine waterproofing specialist is to simply look through the local telephone directory under the category of waterproofing contractors. If the contractor you are considering is not listed, it is because basement waterproofing is not their primary line of business.

Differentiate between contractors


Once you have decided that you will get your basement waterproofing work done by a waterproofing contractor, you will then have to decide which contractor is the best one for you. Some of the considerations are as follows:


Does the waterproofing contractor who you are considering offer the full range of wet basement solutions? This is relevant because contractors offering all common wet basement solutions are more likely to offer you alternative basement waterproofing repair methods, which can save you money.


Some very large basement waterproofing companies only sell proprietary solutions. Clearly, a company solely focused on selling their proprietary solution will not present you with the full range of available basement waterproofing methods, thus limiting your options. This is not in your interest because you may end up spending considerably more money than you otherwise would with a contractor who offers the full range of wet basement solutions. Furthermore, the proprietary solution may not be the best solution for your particular situation.


The top waterproofing specialists not only provide basement waterproofing services, but other related services as well. These services typically include foundation inspections when you are contemplating finishing your basement, foundation inspections either prior to or after the sale of your home, and leak detection.

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