Stitching and Designing process of custom dress shirt

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Published: 08th November 2012
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The following article will throw light on the stitching and designing process of custom dress shirt that is needed to achieve a perfect fitting of a custom shirt.

The olden times are long gone when shirts were only worn by executives. In the world of today, dress shirts are almost worn by every working man. Men of today not only desire to wear any dress shirt, but they are always in the hunt of custom dress shirt that fits them well. We will now discuss the designing and stitching process of a custom dress shirt.

Designing Process of a dress shirt

5. Dress Shirt Fitting

While designing your shirt, the first thing you need to consider is to choose the fitting of your dress shirt. First type is athletic shirts; these shirts are for men who like tight fitting. Regular shirts are normally called formal dress shirts as men with average body size wear them in offices and other formal occasions. Third type of shirt fitting is full shirts, which are loosest of all dress shirts. After deciding the fitting of your shirt, you will move to the actual measurements section in which you would provide exact measurement of your shoulders, neck, sleeve, chest and waist size.

6. Dress Shirt color

These days there are many kinds of colors, stripes, patterns, checks and shades available in market. Before finalizing the color and shade of your choice, give a thought on situations in which you will wear that color.

7. Choosing right Fabric.

The custom shirt makers like Fit Custom Shirts have full dress shirt library in which all kinds of dress shirt fabrics are mentioned. Cotton, Cotton blends, Linen, twill, oxford, poplin, broadcloth, etc. are the most popular dress shirt fabrics to select from.

8. Choosing appropriate style

For the designing of a dress shirt, the style is the most important thing as the style of a dress shirt defines the overall design. To design a shirt you will need to devise its attributes which are perfect collar, cuffs and pocket style. Most famous collar styles are, Straight-point, Button-down, spread, tab, club and pinned collar. Mostly used cuff style is Barrel cuff, French or double cuff.

Stitching process for a dress shirt

A dress shirt looks great when it is stitched perfectly. The process of stitching custom dress shirt is simple but requires an experienced person to bring out the fineness in the custom dress shirt. Having provided the measurements, an experienced tailor can easily craft a magnificent masterpiece of custom shirt. There are some phases on which, the Custom Shirt Maker like Fit Custom Shirts works on to make a perfect looking dress shirt.

6. Selection of fabric

Select the desired fabric pattern that you wish to have the shirt made out of. With a huge variety of colors and designs to choose from the fabrics in our database it becomes really easy to decide which looks best on you.

7. Taking measurements

Taking accurate measurements are a process that needs to be done precisely as it determines how the shirt would fit. The measurements required are the collar, taking the measurements from shoulder to shoulder followed by the armís length from the shoulder bone all the way down to the thumb joint. Measuring the chest, waist and finally the wrist makes the process of measurements complete.

8. Style selection

Make A Custom Shirts, your preferences are noted at this point. The collar style, pleats, plackets, pocket whether required or not and the cuffs are chosen to suit your personality. Your body shape depends if you require a slim fit, a loose fit, or regular fit.

9. Pattern making & cutting

From the data available patterns are made out on paper to ensure minimum chances of risks and wastage of fabric and material. The fabric is marked and cut in the required designs, which make it ready to be stitched. The fabric is generally cut according to the measurements provided on paper sketch.

10. Stitching the custom dress shirt

The tailors work rigorously to Create Custom Shirts, while sewing all the pieces together. When the main structure of shirt is stitched then the buttonholes are sewn into the shirt. In last, buttons are placed according to the buttonholes.

When the shirt is fully ready, then quality assurance officers check the quality of stitching and remove any loose threads. After the quality check, the shirt is delivered to the customer.

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