Attributes of custom shirts that sets it apart from off the rack shirts

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Published: 25th July 2012
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A man is known for what he wears. No matter how much is said on the contrary, a man is always judged by his impression and appearance. Clothing and apparel is of quintessential importance as it purely reflects a manís personality. In order to look attractive, smart and eye-catching, men should adorn to good quality dress shirts that fits on the wearer. Ready-made shirts bought from local stores do not have that perfect fit on all men as everyone have different kind of body physique. Therefore, the only way out for men is to get their hands on custom made dress shirts.

A fact that is little known outside the fashion world is that the menís dress attire always draw the eye upwards to the face. Face is obviously the most identifying and expressive part of the body and menís clothing is designed to accentuate it. Dress shirts serve the perfect purpose as it has the close proximity to the face. You might have noticed that when you see a man in business or formal attire, the contrast of dark and light fabrics and ďVĒ formed by the coatís lapels catches your eye.

In short, it means that in menís clothing and apparel, dress shirts holds the most significant importance. Therefore, it is very important for men to have dress shirts with perfect fit, good quality fabric, adequate styling and high quality stitching. All these attributes are only achieved from a custom dress shirt, which makes custom dress shirts as the most significant part of menís wardrobe. Below we will discuss the attributes of a custom dress shirt, which makes it apart from a readymade shirt bought from a local store.


The collar is the important, perhaps most significant part of a menís dress shirt. Collar is the attribute that dictates the entire style of not only the shirt but also of the wearer. The angle of point spread, the height of point length and whether there are buttons or not all plays important role in the styles of a shirt. Collar lies very close to the face of wearer, so it can be expected that thousands of people will notice it closely everyday. There are many styles of a collar like narrow straight, classic straight, traditional spread, button down, curve point classic, etc. However, the most famous collar styles are point collars and spread collars.


Like shirt collar, shirt cuffs are also an important part of a shirt. Cuffs are quite visible as their fastening area is on the utter side of the wrist. While talking, giving presentations or by simply sitting with colleagues or in a party, cuffs are the most visible part of shirt as hands move up and down while talking. Shirts bought from local stores have regular plain cuffs, which are round one or angled one button.

These styles of cuffs have almost faded away as people now have opting for new and stylish designs. The styles which are in fashion these days are French cut-away, French square, square two button, convertible, etc. French cuffs gets popularity a couple of years ago and now every gentleman with good sense of dressing opts for French cuffs. French cuff is a double cuff folded back and fastened with cufflinks to create a distinguished and distinctive appearance.


In a dress shirt, its not only the collar, cuffs and buttons which add style, but the fitting of the shirt itself adds the killer looks. Basically, there are three types of fittings such as athletic fit or slim fit, regular fit and loose fit. Men with muscular bodies, now opt for athletic fitting shirts as it exposes their well-developed body muscles, which gives them pure manly looks.

Besides fitting, in a custom dress shirt, the wearer can also customize the plackets, yoke, pleats and pocket styles. All these attributes of a custom dress shirt gives it a huge significance over all other types of shirts available in the market.

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